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Timber decking creates a distinctive and timeless surface within a garden. Being a natural product it can complement almost any garden and is equally suitable for large or very small areas. Decking is really adaptable as it can be cut into almost any shape (unlike stone flags) and it is great for fitting into awkward corners within a garden.

Decking is in many ways the perfect low-maintenance choice as it is easy to care for and can make a very attractive alternative to flowerbeds or lawn. The clean lines of decking make it perfect for contrasting with bold foliage plants such as hostas and bamboos and round forms of pebbles or stones. As well as looking good, it is warm and soft underfoot and for this reason makes a great space for children to play on.

There is now a vast choice of decking on the market but the choice is narrowed down by your budget and what you will be using the area for. We always recommend a smooth, planed wood as the slightly dated grooved decking gathers algae and moss which make it lethal to walk on unless it is thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Hardwood timber is luxurious and will last a lifetime if treated well. There are many tropical woods on the market now aswell as the more familiar mahogany and teak. The tropical woods can be slower to construct as they are dense and heavy but the advantage is that they are very durable and free of knots. If they are left to weather naturally they develop a beautiful and timeless soft, silvery sheen. The timber must come from a managed renewable source with certification.

Softwood timber does not mean it is less hard wearing than the above but it is usually farmed from evergreen trees rather than hardwood deciduous trees. It is generally a cheaper choice but the top of the range softwoods such as southern yellow pine and cedar can be just as luxurious. A soft wood plank that has been properly treated will last up to twenty five years.

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