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It is rare that we build a garden without some sort of fence for one reason or another. Fencing has endless uses:

  • To define a boundary
  • To create an internal screen within a garden
  • To disguise or hide unsightly objects
  • To provide privacy
  • To create shelter
  • To give support to climbing plants or wall shrubs
    ... and many, many more!

Wood is a sympathic and versatile material and the choice of fence is usually determined by what purpose it will serve. In most cases fencing is used to define the boundary of a garden and to provide some privacy.

A fence is much cheaper than a wall, though less permanent and more prone to damage in the long term. Fences can provide some shelter from prevailing winds although they are not as effective as a thick hedge.

There is now a very comprehensive range of ornamental fences which serve their purpose as well as being attractive to look at. The more robust and industrial fencing styles will last longer and can be softened or disguised by planting.

We are able to help you decide what type of fence would be most suitable for your individual project and to guide you on the most attractive and durable solution depending on your soil conditions and aspect.

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