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Traditionally we only ever ventured into our garden in the daylight and weather permitting. Now we are wanting more from our gardens and, because a newly built garden gives us leisure time outside, we now want to make the most of our new space. Gardens change character as the sun gradually sets and garden lighting can extend our time spent outdoors in a completely unique and exciting way.

Lighting the garden is motivated by practical and aesthetic reasons; light sensors can be excellent deterrents for intruders whereas small accent lights can identify pathways and ponds for safe access. Lights however, can be used just for their entertainment value; they can illuminate and transform areas of your garden into magical places to spend your evenings.

We recommend using a low voltage system extending out from your home or garage and connected by a series of transformers. Armoured cable is always protected within ducting underground so there is no chance of any accidents happening whilst using garden tools and the complete circuit is safe and child friendly. The lighting can be remotely controlled or switched on and off manually and there is the option of lighting individual areas within your garden depending on how you want to use them, for example, a path to the house would be lit on one circuit whilst a water feature which may only want to be turned on at certain times would be on a seperate circuit.

We are able to provide lighting schemes alongside our proposed garden designs or to install into a mature garden. We have supplied Kichler light fittings and fixtures for over 10 years and they have a range of discreet and attractive lights in a contemporary and traditional style which are robust and durable. Cheaper options from garden centres can be ugly in the daytime and give bland over lighting at night rather than dramatic shadow and illuminating effects.

RaynerShine use our own fully qualified and insured electricians to carry out all electrical installations.

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Garden Lighting

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