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This area of your garden cannot be overlooked. The hard surfaces within a garden designed by Raynershine provide the basic framework of the overall design as well as serving the obvious practical purposes. These surfaces, around which the rest of the garden canvas is planned, link together all the elements of the design and must work on a practical and visual level.

Despite all the outdoor surfaces now available, paving is still the most popular choice for exterior floors. It is popular because it is:

  • Durable
  • Hard wearing
  • Requires little maintenance

However, it is worth investing in a high quality material as you will be looking at it for many years.

We have installed numerous types of paving from pre-cast pink dyed concrete to beautiful thick Yorkstone slabs and this experience can be invaluable in helping you to choose the right materials.

Practical questions need to be thought about before deciding on the right product for your garden:

  • The aspect of the patio: is it sunny and bright or dull and gloomy? If it is in the shade, moss will thrive in the damp and this can make a patio very slippery.
  • The colour choice: what will suit your surroundings? For example, the colour of the house needs to be considered. Grey is subdued and can make a space gloomy if it doesn't see the sun; buff tones are warmer; reddish-oranges can inject some heat and give a Mediteranean feel.
  • The size of the patio: proportions are important as small flags or setts over a large area can make a space seem cluttered. Larger flags give the impression of space.
  • Detailing within a patio can break up the expanse of flagging without costing too much money.

The style and architecture of the house: Try to link the interior style with the exterior space. This will link the home to the garden and create a unity between the two.

We would be delighted to show you examples of the work we have carried out using a range of traditional materials.

Other garden features we can create for you:

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