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Raised beds are versatile, effective and the ultimate in container planting. In larger gardens they can create different levels and terracing solutions, whilst in smaller gardens they are a great space saving solution for planting.

Raised beds can increase the height of plants giving you the illusion of being in a plant oasis, or they can be planted with scented plants and the edges of the raised beds can be used as a seat from where the scent can be enjoyed.

Raised beds have the ability to grow a range of plants or vegetables that may not be possible in the ground, by filling them with specific soil.

Finally raised beds are easy on the back and are great for those who don't want to work on their knees. They can be built to suit a wheelchair user, and adapted in height and width to help those people with a range of disabilities but for whom gardening is still therapeutic and enjoyable.

Raised beds can be built out of a whole range of materials individual to your own taste, style and budget. Timber is a popular choice as it is cost effective, easy to work with and will suit almost any garden space. Timber can be planed to give a more polished finish or left rough sawn for a more rustic appearance. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically for different effects.

Reclaimed brick fits well into a cottage style garden and can always be softened by plants tumbling over the edge of the wall. Rendered and painted concrete block walls can add a particular colour to a scheme and can look contemporary and dramatic.

Sandstone raised beds look paticularly effective where the local stone is sandstone. It is a timeless material and looks as though it has been there for years even when just completed. There are various options from dry stone walling to stone walling using mortar and we would be happy to talk through the options with you.

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