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Garden structures such as pergolas, arbours and archways give a garden height and mass and are resposible for linking and separating spaces. They are creative in so many ways:

  • they can manipulate light and shade
  • they can carry climbers, which can be colourful, scented or imposing
  • they can provide a window within a garden to make a portrait of what is beyond. An arch can lead the eye towards a sculpture or magical tree or focal point.
  • they can create an intimate atmosphere and act as an overhead screen
  • in new gardens they provide instant privacy

The choice of materials is limitless but the most popular are timber, brick, bambo, metal, concrete and steel. Living structures can be made out of willow or wisteria.

Any structure that is going to support climbers must not be 'mean'. Supports must be wide and tall enough for any climbers wanting to be grown and for people walking underneath.

There are many suppliers of garden structures, some good and some not so good and it is important to remember that whether your structure is planted or not, it should always create an architectural accent.

Proportion within a garden is crucial and very different from interior planning, and many of our customers have found our professional advice in at the planning and specification stage to be invaluable.

Other garden features we can create for you:

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