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Lawns are tactile, soft, soothing and very British! The famous Capability Brown bought the lawn into its own and he moved away from the formal lawn to make way for vast swathes of lawn that ran from the front door to the landscape beyond. Lawns are hard wearing and are like a carpet that sets the rest of the garden off.

If possible we would always encourage a small amount of lawn but it isn't a completely low maintenance option. Access into rear gardens is often very limited and that makes mowing more time consuming as is mowing on different levels within a garden.

The preparation for turfing is the same as for seeding a lawn and it is vital that this is done properly to prevent problems in the future, for example, a lawn that is badly drained will never thrive. If you get the preparation of the lawn right your maintenance will be a lot easier.

RaynerShine offer seasonal work to your lawn. A lawn can be an overlooked and neglected area of the garden and we would recommend some seasonal work to keep its root system healthy by scaryfying and aerating.

Please do contact us if you would like further information regarding our lawn care service.

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Turfing & Lawn Care

Irrigating soil prior to laying turf Lawn being levelled by hand to remove small stones and debris and create a perfect finish Newly laid turf after its first cut Newly laid turf being watered in the heat of the day

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