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Free standing walls are used to form the outside boundary of a garden and to enclose smaller areas within a garden. Retaining walls are load bearing and hold back earth at changes of level, where a bank may be too steep or not suitable. Where the garden is very steeply sloped a series of terraces, each one supported by a low retaining wall, can be more effective than one high wall.

Walls vary greatly in their materials and style to suit the job they are doing and the required aesthetic effect. They can have many different types of finishes and, where appropriate, we always try to leave room at the base of the front of the wall for planting as it helps to visually bed the structure into the garden.

RaynerShine have constructed walls in brick, stone, concrete, rendered and painted concrete and timber. Some examples are shown hereand we will be adding to the photo gallery over the coming months.

Other garden features we can create for you:

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Garden Walls

Traditional sandstone wall Low sandstone block wall Very informal wall built to create terraces on a steep slope Walling stone of different sizes looks traditional and informal A sandstone retaining wall with Yorkstone steps Timber sleepers positioned vertically make a solid retaining structure

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