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Water adds a whole new dimension to a garden and can bring life to even the smallest corner. Over the last 12 years we have created a range of water features from formal pools to wildlife ponds, fountains to simple bubbling pebbles.

Our clients are often suprised by the effect of water within the garden - it can bring freshness and tranquility to our often hectic lives!

Water can be suitable for most garden settings:

  • Formal pools are geometric in shape and have clean, hard edges. They are generally sparsely planted with architectural plants that contrast with the smooth surface of the water.
  • Still, reflective pools do as they suggest and bring the sky down the earth! They need to be wide to capture the best reflections but narrow pools with a dark liner or base are contemporary and mysterious.
  • Informal pools are mostly organic in shape and planted naturally. We encourage clients to have some sort of seating area overhanging the water - it's so lovely to sit with your feet dangling over the edge!
  • A rill is a channel of running water like a miniature canal. The water is circulated by a pump and the source of the water may not even be on view, it can be held in an underground resevoir. A rill can be constructed out of virtually any material depending on the style of the garden.

Moving water is exciting and doesn't require a big space to have impact. If possible it should be placed where it can easily be heard from a seating area or place where you spend time.

RaynerShine have installed many water features within small spaces. There are some examples here that work very well within a limited space. Water can be recycled via a sump which is sunk into the ground and controlled by an electric pump. This works well with small basins, fountains, drilled rocks and bird baths. These features are completely safe for children to be around.

Other garden features we can create for you:

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